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Tourism and Chemin des Dames


Corbeny received the keys of the town of Laon before the English invaded. The town has not been spared by war and has been destroyed twice: ” In 1814, during the battle of Craonne which opposed the Prussians and Napoleon’s army, Napoleon chose to sleep in Corbeny. ” A hundred years later, in 1914, the first World war raged : The neighbouring village of Craonne was literally wiped off the map;


Many activities in the Aisne


The Aisne is a historically rich area: more than 500 historical monuments an hour and a half away from Paris or Lille and less than two hours from Brussels.

You will have an unforgettable stay: Corbeny situated on the “Chemin des Dames” attracts young and old alike, and especially families.

You can also enjoy fishing at the Vivier, a pool situated just 500m from the hotel. There is a wide variety of fish (carp, pike, roach…) all in more than 1 hectare of grounds.

Ten minutes away, you can visit the Parc de l’Ailette, including a “Center Parcs”. There is a golf course, outdoor activities like sailing, cycling, horse riding, and walks. Leisure, relaxation, sport, we have done our best to make your stay a pleasant one.

Discover at 3 km, The Abbey of Vauclair and its botanic gardens, The dragon Cavern, California plateau and of course the “Chemin des Dames”, which runs from the troglodyte village also called Creutes to Paissy or to Moulin, the Bourgignon Vendangeoires under Monbavin, without forgetting the churches: Notre-Dame de Liesse and the Cathedral of Laon ; a historical town with 84 listed monuments.

Let’s not forget gastronomy: Picardy specialities like leek flamiche, Maroilles cheese or Champagne are all a part of the treasures of the Aisne region.


Excursions on foot, by bicycle or on horseback


Many excursions are organized in the region, for all types of hikers, less experienced and most courageous, with several levels of difficulty and duration. Restore offers are often associated with these circuits in order to eat quietly.

Stroll on foot, by bicycle or on horseback to discover the treasures of our beautiful region: the fin of the birds, the grass snake, the Creuttes Neuville in Laon, the Blue House, the forest the plateau of St. Erme, the viewpoint of the California plateau, troglodyte villages, museums …


Our selection of activities and leisure


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